NSA, Criminals or official groups – all of them are able to activate the integrated camera of your laptops, smartphones, tablets or TV with internet access to watch you secretly. Entering secret codes, secrets documents and the privacy are spied on in a subtle way. Stop it!

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It depends on which device you are using?

LOCK your secrets - Protect your privacy!

A feeling as if it belongs to the device. Our SMART‐Lock is specially designed for smartphones and tablets. Our engineer and designer puzzled a long time, until the shape and color were created, with which the SMART‐ LOCK can perfectly be integrated on the device – without looking devious.

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LOCK your secrets - Protect your privacy!

The BIG‐LOCK is the bigger brother, especially for bigger cameras on your laptop or TV. You can also chose the best fitting color like the smartphone version . Through high‐quality Swarovski diamonds the BIG‐LOCK becomes a high value privacy accessory.

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1,86 bill.

Are your really “online” whenever you decide to be?!

1.86 Billion smartphones worldwide! Rising every day! Each of those with a front camera for Selfies, for Skype or used as a mirror. Are you definitely sure that this camera is only turned on when you want it to be? Or could it be that others can watch you while working without you knowing, or maybe while you are relaxing or even worse: your children?!

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LOCK your secrets - Protect your privacy

Rethink the privacy in your company

There are millions of company computers are unprotected. And we are not talking about Virus or Trojans. The IT department takes care of that. We are talking about the numerous open webcams. Which documents, which meetings could be overheard by it and get to the wrong hands?

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