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Shine with safety!

Our refined LOCKs

NSA, Criminals or official groups – all of them are able to activate the integrated camera of your laptops, smartphones, tablets or TV with internet access to watch you secretly. Entering secret codes, secrets documents and the privacy are spied on in a subtle way. Stop it!

Your client could be spied on or be watched

The integrated web‐cam in the company laptops is a free entrance for many criminals. Entering credit card information, taking pictures of secret documents, listening to secrets conferences…

Did you ever think about, what kind of a security risk an unprotected web‐cam could be?


The gateway to virus-free

"Corona Communication"

is open to us all!!

The business world currently operates from the home office: webinars, conferences, chats,

Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp...

 Free of charge and perfect for private and business survival in the contactless time!


BUT also perfect for all who watch us

and want to spy!

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