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Your client could be spied on or be watched

The integrated web‐cam in the company laptops is a free entrance for many criminals. Entering credit card information, taking pictures of secret documents, listening to secrets conferences…

Did you ever think about, what kind of a security risk an unprotected web‐cam could be?


Protect your clients!

Assure yourself simultaneously the most exclusive marketing possibilities right in sight! And benefit with the BIG‐LOCK from a spreading loss free and permanent marketing.

BIG-LOCK – Made for Laptop

The BIG-LOCK, specially for big cameras on your Laptop or your TV. Here you can also choose the color which fits your device best like the Smartphone version. With the integration of shiny Swarovski-Diamants the BIG-LOCK becomes a high value accessory.


Protect yourself and your clients!

Secure yourself the most exclusive advertising spacedirectly in sight of your client, bevor your competition takes it away.


Show that the protection of your client is important to you with this special advertising opportunity. Benefit from a non-scattered and permanent advertising. With every look on the monitor your client will be reminded of your company and your exclusive performance. Your clients will love the new protection and always remember who to thank for it.

The refined LOCKs:

Shine with security!

The attractive symbiosis of function and value. Appreciate your customer and present him with a real piece of GOLD in matt or brilliant shine. 


It doesn't have to be gold, even bright chrome or a matt shine make the safe LOCK a coveted piece of jewelry. Of course also with your engraved logo.

BMW nah mit anderer Gravur.jpg
Gold Matt.jpg
HArley glanz bereinigt chrome.jpg

Various packaging options

In which occasion you want to present your individual LOCK? We have the right LOCK packaging for any event. Whether quality thank you present for completed projects, as giveaways for trade shows or in use in mailing campaigns. With each of our packaging your LOCK is a real eye catcher.


Innumerable application possibilities

You can give your customers countless pens, stickers and calendars as gifts. But no marketing tool is as durable as the LOCK. Like a ballpoint pen, it cannot be left lying around somewhere or given away as a gift. Simply because of the good feeling of being protected, your customers will be loyal to it for many years.


LOCK in a complete-set for your advertising

Setup guideline, two spacers made out of rubber for the edges: Everything is provided in the LOCK package to start using it immediately.

Contacting us

If you are interested in using the BIG-LOCK in your company and you want to get a special offer from us for this most exclusive advertising possibility. We are more than interested to help you.

Call now +49 (0) 173 5207738
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