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Our big one with WOW effect

With movable doll's eye.

For the attention of your customers.


Our little one for


The individually designed postcard with the attached LOCK.


The Jewel

Clothes make the man. 

Chic packaging increases the value.

Carefully packed increases the value of your gift.


The LED interior lighting of the jewelry packaging makes the LOCK an eye-catcher.

BMW nah mit anderer Gravur.jpg
Gold Matt.jpg
HArley glanz bereinigt chrome.jpg

Perfect for meetings and personal conversations

Are you tired of the fact that your business card is always one of many? With the LOCK, you will really upgrade the passing of your business card. With the LOCK business card in a high-quality display packaging, you are always at the top of the stack. You can fully customize this card with your pictures and text.

LOCK without Packaging

Our LOCK you also get pure – without any packaging. So you can decide how you want to present it your customers completely free. Whether in a mass-mailing or as individual pieces. Your imagination knows no boundaries.

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