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You don ́t have anything to hide? Good! –Stalker, Spies, Hacker and secret agents “Thank you”

Is your laptop turned on and lies open on the table during internal meetings? While you are taking a shower, does your smartphone lies next to the shower? Your children using the selfie‐camera as a mirror!? Are you completely sure that your web‐cam is only turned on when you wanted it to? A web‐ cam sticker is not the solution. Because you still want to use your web‐cam right?


Keep your privacy with LOCK‐The classy alternative to the simple web‐cam sticker!


The LOCK is the lock for the web‐cam. With LOCK you can decide “who” can see you “when” and “what”. It took us a long time to think about is and develop it. The results are two beautiful products, which are made for the current devices with integrated and unprotected web‐cams. Because we believe: Web‐cam sticker aren’t the solution. Because the web‐cam is supposed to be used with sliding a finger.

LOCK – The Original

There are many similar LOCKS on the market or web‐cam sticker, which promises security. But they are either technically ugly and factual, that you would not want to use them on your laptop or smartphone – because you are afraid to be laughed at in the next meeting. Or the design is full of edges and angles so that you could scratch the surface of you device, but also keeps all the dirt from the face and the ears in it and cannot be cleaned.

That’s why the LOCK is not only the most important piece of security that you were missing until now for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV. But also is the most trendy.

Only LOCK is the true original – Made in Germany.

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