BIG‐LOCK – The view protection for every laptop

You not only protect your privacy with BIG‐LOCK. You also give your laptop a special look with the classy webcam cover. Chose the suitable color or jewel and turn your laptop to a real eye‐catcher and let your colleagues and friends envy you.

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LOCK your secrets - The most classy Webcam coverage
LOCK your secrets - The most classy Webcam coverage

Webcam cover with the perfect fit

With a length of 3.8 centimeter and a width of 0.9 centimeters the BIG‐LOCK fits the design of your device and looks like it has been produced and delivered like this. Through the two provided spacer made of rubber for the edges, you make sure that your laptop closes properly.

The BIG‐LOCK comes as a complete package

Setup guideline, cleaning cloth for the surface of your laptop, two spacer made out of rubber for the edges: Everything is provided in the LOCK package to start using it immediately.

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And that is how it works!

Clean up the surface of your smartphones, tablets, Laptop or TV with a random cloth, use the template, take off the adhesive tape, put it on the frame using the template and don ́t touch it for 12 hours for the BIG‐LOCK to have the perfect hold for the perfect privacy.